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So you're looking to add a shar-pei to your world!


Our puppies come with written health guarantee and AKC registration papers. We do not sell to puppy mills, backyard breeders or brokers.  We only sell our puppies to FOREVER HOMES.  They are vet checked, dew claws removed, wormed, vaccinated, housebroken and well-socialized.  The welfare and happiness of our puppies is always our priority.  We dedicate a lot of time and resources to ensure our pups thrive and develop into wonderful family members.  We look for homes that can continue to provide our babies with attention, love and care like they are used to.  FairyTails shar-pei are bred for sound temperaments, health and conformation...in that order.  We love the challenge of breeding quality, color shar-pei which are often mislabeled or advertised as "rare" or "unusal".  The truth is these colors are NOT rare or unusual.  Quality and Color is harder to find but not impossible.  

Puppies with Limted Registration (companion) - Come with spay/neuter requirements and Limited AKC registration.  Our puppies come with LIMITED registration, not for breeding.  These pups will make wonderful loving companions.  When litters come it's difficult to assess the quality of the pups, however, there are times when a pet pup is readily identified.  This could be due to minor things, such as incorrect pigment or soft coat.  During the puppy evaluation process we will identify such pups and offer them to pre-qualified/pre-screened homes.  We do not, under any circumstances hold pet puppies without deposits; as puppies are available they will be released to pre-screened/pre-qualified homes. 

Breeding/Show Potential - With Full AKC papers.  These pups may have potential for competitiveness in the show ring or to contribute to an established and successful breeding program.  These special puppies go to established breeding/show homes where they can be bred and/or shown in the conformation ring or in performance homes.  We do not sell puppies with full registration to homes unwilling to show them in either performance or conformation events, no exceptions.  Due to time limitations, I rarely sell puppies with breeding rights unless the home is experienced.  The reason is very simple and truly in the best interest of my pups and new owners.  I'm limited in time for offering assistance to inexperienced homes and am not truly able to commit and provide mentoring which I believe is unfair to a newcomer.  Breeding is a serious thing, and requires mentoring for those who are inexperienced in raising a litter from the very beginning. I believe that the undertaking of breeding any dog should be done only with the welfare and improvement of the breed, that should always come first!  So please, don't take it personal.  I'm only thinking of the best interest of my pups and yours!


Before inquiring about breeding rights please do a self-assessment.

What is your purpose?  What are you bringing to the breed?  What will you commit to doing for the future litter and owners?  Do you have the resources to breed?  In most basic form, this includes financial and time commitments.  Breeding should never be taken lightly.  It can be a heartbreaking situation.  A pregnancy gone wrong, infections...emergency procedures...special needs pups.  And then there's the time issue.  Will you have time to care for the litter and dam responsibly?  Will you secure a safe and healthy environment for them?  Will you be prepared to not only vaccinate and de-worm, but also provide any necessary treatments to ensure puppies thrive?  Will you wait and find the right home, and not the highest bidder or that family or friend who thinks they are cute but fails miserably at being a puppy owner?  Will you have the tools to assess the quality of your pups?  Will you health test before breeding and breed only to improve the breed?  Will you take puppies back if a home cannot keep them?  Will you commit to participating in performance or conformation events to improve your knowledge of the breed?  Will you make the hard decisions when necessary in order to do what's right for your dogs and puppies?  Are you committed to the betterment of the breed?  

If you answered no to any of these questions then breeding is not for you.  There are plenty of dogs waiting in shelters for homes, and we need not contribute to it by neglecting to fulfill our end of the bargain as breeders.  Breeding ONLY to improve our breed. 

The responsibility of a breeder does not end when a puppy leaves the home, it's for the life of the puppy if not more!   



   I have the right to refuse anyone the option of purchasing one of my puppies if I am not confident they will provide the right type of home.


Before you Purchase Your Puppy

It's a wonderful wonderful breed.  But shar-pei aren't for everyone.  Shar-pei are a "bossy" breed and require a loving environment with clear rules and boundaries.  Socialization is crucial for this beautiful breed.  A well cared for and well socialized shar-pei will thrive and bring you many years of joy. 

 The purchase price is only the initial investment in your new acquisition.  If a purchase price is an issue to begin with, perhaps it's not a good time to bring in a new family member.  

Take into account that you will have to care for your new friend with proper medical care, a good diet and a good environment.  I believe a dog is usually a product of it's environment, so it's important to create a healthy loving environment for your dog. 

As a future puppy owner you should inquire about the parent's health...and the ancestor's of your future family member.  A good breeder can give you specific details about their pedigree and will enjoy speaking to you about ancestors and achievements of their dogs.  They will listen to your questions and ask you questions....a good breeder breeds to improve the health, temperament and conformation of the breed and not for personal gain.  They will give you an extensive and comprehensive health guarantee and stand behind their dogs (consider this, most genetic, hereditary or illnesses come at a later time in life for your pet).   No breeding program is 100% healthy, there are lines that have a higher disposition for some hereditary/congenital diseases, some less.  This is true for any and all breeds, mixed and pure bred.  

When purchasing your future family member keep an eye and ear out be for "sales pitches" or empty promises, listen beyond that good sales pitch.  Promises mean nothing if they aren't in your contract.  

Listen to how breeders answer questions.  A breeder that is breeding to improve the breed (the only reason one should ever breed) will usually share their long term goals with you with excitement, as it's usually a lifetime devotion and passion!  A breeder that can only tell you the puppies have big heads and wrinkles should be questioned....after all if someone does breed to improve the breed they should cite specifics from the standard and why the breeding was done. 

It's good to inquire about what purpose the breeding held.  Was it for improving coat texture and front shoulder lay back in the next generation for example.  Keep in mind, one cannot assess soundness of a dog if one has no training, experience or mentoring in a breed (i.e. showing dogs, veterinary, veterinary assistant).....much less assess a "show potential" puppy if one has no experience showing dogs.  I learn every day about our wonderful breed through reading, mentoring by other long time breeder friends and observation/participation at dog shows....but I still have a lot to learn.

It's simple, one cannot be an expert on something they know nothing about.  Show potential means just that, it has potential.  If you are looking for a show quality dog then make sure the dog is no less than 4 months old, ideally 6 as they change so much.  Show potential or show quality dogs should have parents that have had health checks, at minimum OFA screenings for hip dysplasia.  

       You as the future puppy owner can make the ultimate decision.  That decision should not be taken lightly as it's a lifetime commitment to your new family member. 

 Remember, do your homework before purchasing your new bundle of joy, you'll be glad you did.