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The Chinese Shar-Pei first came into my life in December of 2000.  Our first shar-pei, Pixie, recently left us a month after her 10th birthday.  Our lives have been very blessed with many Pei since our beginning with Pixie.  

We've dedicated many years to researching our pedigrees and improving the temperament, health and conformation of each generation.  We breed for color but never sacrifice temperament, health or conformation to produce it.  

Our breedings mostly involved outcrosses as that is what has worked best for us.  What that means is we usually know what colors to expect in our litters, but we never truly know what color we will get in our litters.  Often we have inquiries for specific colors, and while we can't commit to the color more often than not we can say that our pups are color carriers.  What is certain is that we will always breed for sound temperaments as that is our number one priority, with health close behind.  We prefer to find special loving pet homes that will spoil our fur babies and do not often have show or breeding puppies available. 

We pride ourselves in producing wonderful loving companions and strive to produce the best tempered and well balanced shar pei possible.  Our puppies are raised in a loving family environment and we seek homes that will continue to nurture and love them as we do.  We want to meet our prospective parents, for this reason we do not ship or puppies.

We encourage all prospective owners to dedicate time and effort to learn as much as possible about this very special breed and to take care when purchasing a puppy.  Shar-pei are our passion, not our business.  We breed only to improve the next generation.   

We have been very lucky to meet some wonderful people in this breed including fellow breeders and wonderful new parents to my puppies.  Thank you all the special people for blessing Julian and I by being a part of our lives.

Feel free to visit our babies on the following pages, thank you for visiting.  

Mel & Julian Castillo

FairyTails Shar Pei, Southern California

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